Oil Stop Valves

EVP Oil Stop Valves

We supply PVC & Stainless Steel oil stop valves

Oil Stop Valve Features and Benefits

Meets Spill Prevention Control and Counter Measures (SPCC) requirements
Works with existing storm sewer pipes and structures for secondary containment
Passive design with stainless steel float
     Dependable operation with long product life
     No on-site operator required, only periodic inspections
     No electrical power to operate
Slave valve makes maintenance easy
Self-opening feature mitigates effect of sump water evaporation
Standard valve sizes with fully adjustable float



What we are trying to prevent:

Possible release of oil/fuel into the environment or waste water

Storm water drain or run-off becomes contaminated with oil/fuel spilled
Spilled oil/fuel includes toxic chemicals known to cause cancer
Spoiled air quality, the environment and contaminated drinking water


Unpredictable oil/fuel spills can be catastrophic.

When oil/fuel spills, it impacts everything from recreation to local economies, tourism and related industries not to mention the damage it can cause to wildlife.
Everyone knows oil/fuel spills are dangerous, but not everyone understands the full extent of the damage they cause.

We can help you with this

  • The EVP oil stop valve is an automatic fail safe
  • It knows the difference between oil and water based on the specific gravity principle
  • It has only one moving part (float) with a seat on the bottom
If oil/fuel is introduced in the chamber or vault the float will drop.
Float will seat onto the flange shutting off flow to the discharge port.
The Environmental Valve Products oil stop valve can be fabricated from PVC, or stainless steel if heat or fire is a potential risk.


The Oil Stop Valve operates on the principles of buoyancy. A ballasted float, which is the only moving part, is weighted for a specified gravity. In water, the float will float and keep the valve open. An accumulation of oil around the float will decrease the buoyant force on the float. As the oil accumulation increases, the float will sink lower and finally close the valve when the oil level is approximately 3 to 4 inches thick.
The Oil Stop Valve housing is fabricated from non-corrosive PVC (low risk of fire) or stainless steel (high risk of fire) to provide greater design flexibility and pricing options. It is typically installed below ground and in-line with the piping system and can also be installed in pre-assembled concrete manhole or vault designs.


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