Environmental Conservation

What is an Oil Stop Valve and Why Do We Need Them

Millions of gallons of oil that enter our waters every year, most of these contaminants enter our environment from industrial and commercial facilities. Then threaten the health and safety of not only us but our beloved dogs and cats.

Yes, your dog may die because he drank from a nearby stream or estuary. What is unbelievable is a report that 80% of all hydrocarbon spills happen on land due to vehicle or equipment failures.

A major source of oil leaks and spills are automobiles, heavy equipment and recreational boats that leak off oil. This oil collects on the ground and pavement, then, the next time it rains, it finds its way into storm drains and our waterways.

Oil and fuel reaching our storm drains or nearby soil and waterways can have devastating effects on wildlife, pollute our environment and ecosystems and impact human health.

Use the EVP Oil Stop Valve to contain bulk oil/fuel spills to designated areas while allowing storm water to drain. Improve response time to zero with a fail safe shut off. No one needs to be present for the valve to work.

Possible release of oil/fuel into the environment or wastewater? Installing an EVP oil stop valve in an existing vault or fabricated sump is an automatic failsafe.

EVP Oil Water Separators achieve oil removal through absorption using oleo-philic polypropylene tubes. Settleable and suspended solids removed through filtration and impaction onto polypropylene tube surfaces.