Quality Oil Stop Valves

At Environmental Valve Products, we offer a comprehensive range of oil stop valves designed to prevent oil spills and protect the environment. Our oil stop valves are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and stainless steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Over the course of our oil stop valves life, it will offer you the highest level of protection, ease of maintenance and overall lowest cost. If you’d like to talk more about how our solutions can provide you value, give us a call today.

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  • Dependable operation with long product life
  • Passive design with a stainless steel float
  • No on-site operator required; only periodic inspections

Why Choose EVP

Our oil stop valves are designed to meet Spill Prevention Control and Counter Measures (SPCC) requirements to ensure compliance with industry standards.

They can be easily integrated into existing storm sewer pipes and structures for secondary containment.

  • No electrical power to operate
  • Slave valve for easy maintenance
  • Self-opening feature to mitigate the effect of sump water evaporation
  • Standard valve sizes with fully adjustable float

Our oil stop valves are designed to prevent the release of oil and fuel into the environment or wastewater systems. They ensure that stormwater drains and runoff do not become contaminated with oil or fuel to protect air quality, the environment, and drinking water sources.

Oil spills can have catastrophic consequences, impacting everything from wildlife to local economies and tourism. Our oil stop valves serve as an automatic failsafe, differentiating between oil and water using the specific gravity principle.

With only one moving part (the float), our oil stop valves are low-maintenance and reliable. If oil/fuel is introduced in the chamber or vault the float will drop. It will sit onto the flange shutting off flow to the discharge port.

Long-Term Reliability

Experience unwavering reliability with our Oil Stop Valves – engineered with precision, built for durability, and designed to provide swift and effective containment, ensuring your operations remain protected.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Engineered for durability, these valves not only deliver immediate spill response but also minimize maintenance costs, ensuring sustained protection and cost-efficiency over the life of your operations.

Get Expert Assistance and Support

Our oil stop valves operate on the principles of buoyancy, with a ballasted float weighted for a specified gravity. In water, the float will keep the valve open, while an accumulation of oil will cause the float to sink and close the valve.

The housing for our oil stop valves is made from non-corrosive PVC (low risk of fire) or stainless steel (high risk of fire), providing greater design flexibility and pricing options. They can be installed below ground and in line with your piping system, as well as in pre-assembled concrete manholes or vault designs.

Depending on your specific needs and risk assessment, our team can offer technical assistance and support to help you choose the right oil stop valve for your application. You may also contact us to request a quote for your desired valves.

Understanding Our Solution

With the EVP Oil Stop Valve’s automatic fail-safe design, you can trust that your operations are not only protected but equipped to respond proactively to the unpredictable nature of oil spills.

With the specific gravity precision of the EVP Oil Stop Valve, you can trust that oil spills will trigger the valve’s response, providing a reliable and accurate solution for your spill containment needs.

The simplicity in design of the EVP Oil Stop Valve not only enhances reliability but also facilitates ease of maintenance, providing a solution that is both robust and user-friendly.

With the responsive chamber of the EVP Oil Stop Valve, you can trust in the timely detection and containment of oil spills, providing a proactive solution for addressing environmental challenges.

With secure flange seating, the EVP Oil Stop Valve provides a fail-safe mechanism for containment, enhancing the overall reliability and effectiveness of oil spill response.

With the ability to choose materials based on specific risks, the Environmental Valve Products Oil Stop Valve provides a versatile solution that prioritizes safety and effectiveness in a variety of industrial settings.